Create the life your SOUL intended .
Clear the energies blocking the expression of your unique soul energy.
The program begins with a personalized reading and clearing session. This process is done at a distance.

The very first step is retrieving your unique soul information and clearing what is in the way so you can focus on fully expressing your true self.
It includes an Energy Reading of your soul records to determine the blocks and restrictions you are currently experiencing.
You receive a customized Soul-clearing of the limiting blocks and restrictions identified during the reading.
Your SOUL 
provides the blueprint and guide for how to express your soul's purpose and 
gives you the tools so you can work with your soul level information at different dimensions.

No more trial and error.
In a one-on-one meeting, you will receive your soul-level information so you can understand your original soul essence. 

This energetic transmission reconnects you with the unique energy of your soul.

This embodied-knowledge allows you to learn how to express your divinity so that your actions create a life you love.
You will receive detailed explanations about the blocks and restrictions that were cleared and how you can further support the clearing work.
You will walk away with a series of practical ways you can begin taking new action that aligns with your unique soul energy.
Support to help you apply
your Soul Essence knowledge into your life.
After the live meeting, you will receive a personalized written clearing homework  so you can integrate and solidify the clearing of the blocks and restrictions.
You will have  two check-in calls available during the 21 days after your one-on-one. 

You can map out a strategy so you continue to integrate your new soul essence knowledge and your energy clearing.
Finally, you will receive a complimentary MP3 recording of the call so you can return to review the live SOUL energy transmission session at your convenience.
Are you ready to
ReConnect with Your Soul 

30-day Program

Doing this work has assisted me in creating wholeness in the fabric of my life.

Natanya Lara

Cleared a long-standing issue and helped to clear my path so that I could move forward more brilliantly and with more ease.

MaryAnn Candito
I was feeling stuck in some particular areas and was really resistant to doing some of the work that I’ve been trying to on my own.

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder

Learning about my divine essence has been an amazing gift to me — giving me ways to learn and grow that I didn’t know anything about before.

Margie Taylor
I feel much more relaxed and confident about my business direction now that I know the exact next steps to take that I had never considered.
Cathy Wieden

The session brought me 

so much clarity around the concrete actions I can take and opportunities I can look for.

Novalee Walder

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder


Restore Your Soul Connection 
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Restore Your Soul Connection

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Understanding the Session

What is The Process Like?
The Soul Essence Method include both distance HEALING and distance readings. The coaching calls are designed to help you develop AWARENESS of where you are misaligned. Coaching also helps with strategy regarding taking soul-aligned ACTION

How can I use the Soul Essence information?

You can use intuitive information in a logical and strategic way to achieve the intentions and results that you want. If you've been feeling like things are "off" and can't seem to figure out why, the Soul Essence information helps. I show you how.
How can the information help me?
If you are feeling a lack of clarity, or have some negative patterns that you are dealing but are not sure exactly what to do. The Akashic Records can help with this and much more.

How are is the Soul Essence information accessed?

The Soul Essence information is part of your soul record. It is accessed using your birth information and this information is never shared with anyone. I cannot and will not retrieve information if you have not provided expressed permission. I also ask for your intention for the session so that I can demonstrate how you can implement your soul level information to your life.
I receive readings but then don't know what to do with the information. Do you help with this?
Most definitely. A critical part of the program is implementation and support. I’m committed to not just sharing this information but showing you HOW you can put it to use in your life.

Will the Soul Essence Program work for me?

Absolutely. Everyone has a Soul and Soul Essence information which can help you in most aspects of your life.  Whether you’ve heard of them before or not, the information is available for you to access. If you are being called to this work, that means your record is available for reading.

What is Soul Essence?

The Soul Essence information is part of your soul's energetic record and imprint in the quantum field. It helps to guide you to the right the choices and experiences.
How can my Soul Essence help me?
Your Soul Essence can be used to give you clarity on your soul journey and to heal energetic blocks. You can use it to make decisions and to understand why certain things feel right or wrong for you. The information can be relevant to any aspect of your life, from relationships to health to career, money, and business.
How do I receive the information?
I do the initial session at a distance. (There’s no sense in you watching me retrieve information. It’s not very exciting.) Then we hop on Zoom and I deliver the rest of the session. You are welcome to take notes and ask questions. I do record the session and then send you an MP3 of the session.
How is this like a tarot or psychic reading?
A tarot reading usually provides short-term information and is situation driven. Although those type of readings can also be done using soul records, I specialize on doing readings that help you on your soul journey. Like the tarot reading, the psychic reading is situational and short-term. A psychic reading could also be reading your present energy. Although a Soul Essence session does involve using psychic skills, not all psychic readings utilize the Akashic Records.